February 28, 2005


I promise to do at least one cartwheel a year for the rest of my life...

February 08, 2005

Life Comes and Goes so Quickly

To top off my shitty week (and yes, it's ONLY Tuesday) my mum informed me last night that one of my family members passed away and another is in critical condition.
All I could do was cry...
I know that life doesn't go on forever, but I think having two pieces of bad news hitting me at once was hard to take.

I started thinking about the people in my life, and how at any given moment, they too could disappear.

So many questions raced through my mind... Was our last exchange honest or just a silly repartee? Did I say everything I wanted to say to that person? Did we leave things on a good note? But most of all I wondered, did I know that person as well as I could have?

It seems that our society has become so wrapped up in itself...

...I have become wrapped up in myself.

Today I realized that there is more to life that just my selfish shortcomings.
Here I was complaining about a silly flu bug, while someone, somewhere, was struggling just to breathe.

I've decided to visit my Grandfather in Florida for reading week, because frankly I have so many questions about the man's life that I have always wanted to know. What was stopping me from doing this sooner?

People often say repsect your elders, and now for the first time, I understand why.

February 07, 2005

the journey is that much better with a friend by my side. Posted by Hello
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