July 29, 2010

The Birth of the Tribe

Since arriving back in this fine city of Toronto, it's been a whirlwind of meetings, tweetups, BBQ's and some freelance work thrown in there to pay the bills.

I've got some exciting projects coming up, and I'm so happy with where life is taking me. My work and love are one in the same and it's so incredible to be able to say that. I've been working some TV shows, shooting some cool art projects, and getting things up and running for the Toronto Travel Tribe.

I can't believe how many great writers and travel bloggers we have right here in Toronto. I recently went to a Travel Blogger Tweetup and was so inspired by the eclectic mix of people that I decided to co-found the Tribe with the fabulous Mariellen. Big thanks to the Sydney Travel Tribe for teaming up with us on this project!

If you haven't checked out Mariellen's blog Breathe Dream Go, I highly suggest you get on it. She has been to India more than you can count on one hand and recently spent her 50th birthday (yes I know, she doesn't look a day older than 30) watching the sunrise light up the great Himalayan range. She carries this magical aura that is so inspiring and calming to be around. Plus, she has a true love for tea which puts her even higher in my books ;)

I cannot wait to introduce you to more of the Travel Tribe. Each month we'll be featuring a different person/blog so you can get to know them and their brand. Trust me when I say these people will blow your mind. If you're a travel blogger/startup and ever in the Toronto area, feel free to stop by and meet the tribe!

July 15, 2010

Graffiti Love

I'm not really a sucker for romance, but this one got me:

Graffiti Proposal

Really dig the style of shooting/editing which made me want to learn more about the production company. The guys that did this have an awesome site called shooteditsleep.com

They have some really cool techniques I want to try and learn with my next few video pieces.
One in particular is this bio piece on Ray Phillips:

Ray Phillips from PR!MO

Have some video pieces in the works for my neighbour Adrian Hayles who is one hell of a talented dude. He just did this piece of Hendrix in Kensigton Market (Toronto):

and last year brought some colour to life on our back deck with this mural:

That was my first timelapse piece and it was one hell of a learning experience. I can't wait to shot the next one with Adrian now that I know what to do/not to do.

July 06, 2010

What I Ate With My Mate

I love creating it. Reading it, but most of all sharing it.

After recently travelling Australia for six months, I've started writing for various websites including Travel with a Mate, MTV Fora, Chickadvisor, and of course my own Aussie blog. But what I love most- is meeting all these other great people producing content as well. I'm so fortunate to be surrounded by some seriously creative and brilliant minds who offer nothing but support and encouragement. By the way if you haven't met the tribe, I highly suggest you get to know them ;) 

I've really enjoyed being on the road- it's allowed me to write and completely produce my own content outside of a cubicle. I'm really proud of my MTV Fora pieces- the team has given me so much freedom to write whatever the hell I want, produce video, and even have a say in the design layout of the pages. If you haven't read 'From YYZ to SYD' I highly suggest you do so ;)  

This month, I am pleased to give you: 'What I Ate with my Mate 

Stay tuned for my next article on Aussie fashion. I hit the streets of Melbourne to dissect the street style and try on some different hats-literally.  

By the way- only one week left to vote for me in the 'Best Travel Job Ever' competition. Send some goddamn love my way would ya? 
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