November 04, 2010

Get Your Steep On!

So the Christmas season is fast approaching and if you're anything like me- you usually wait until the last minute to buy your gifts.

But this year, things are going to be different. You're gonna change some lives- all with the help of my man David. He runs a little business you might have heard of called Davids Tea and he's taking over Canada by storm. Whether you're shopping for a friend, significant other, mother, grandmother (or looking to make a wish list for yourself) this is the place you want to go!

For one, they have an amazing online store- and when you purchase anything over $50 Shipping is FREE. But trust me when I say you need to experience Davids Tea in person. The moment you walk in to a store you are greeted with friendly faces, a sample of tea and tins upon tins of amazing smelling teas that will cause your senses to overload (in the best way possible of course!)

As a huge tea nerd myself, I've decided to put together my Top 3 Fav Gift Items. You should also check out David's Holiday Gift Guide.
You're welcome :)

1) David's Starter Kit- The perfect way to introduce someone to the world of loose leaf tea. This box contains a perfect tea spoon, tea sacs, and a variety of best selling teas; from caffeine-free coco chai rooibos, to immunity boosting secret weapon, trust me when I say the $29.50 is totally worth it.

2) The Perfect Tea Mug- This bad boy comes with a stainless steel infuser great for any type of tea (especially great for the large blooming oolong teas!) It comes with a cute lid that not only keeps your tea warm while you steep, but acts as a coaster for the infuser when you're ready to drink.

3) The Glass Teapot- this sexy little thing is one hell of a statement piece. The key? Put a blooming tea inside of it and watch it grow. A great centerpiece and conversation starter that will have everybody talking. Oh and look you can get the matching tea cups with it!

Happy Shopping! Feel free to leave me a comment with any questions you might have. I'm cool like that...


Mike Frisk said...

Refills? Get me my favourite... Whatever one I haven't had before.

Tagg said...

Sample Sale is happening right now! Expect some summer teas to come your way! They make excellent iced tea's and tea martinis!

C.W. Bush said...

My girlfriend is only just now discovering the wonder of tea, but she's still very particular. I think she'd love a store like this.

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