April 28, 2010

Behind the Scenes

video blogging on the streets of Melbourne and dissecting the street style. Full article coming to MTV Canada's new online magazine FORA this summer :)

April 27, 2010

Riding on a Dream

Meet my friend Rob. 
Rob is one of those rare people you meet in your life.
The kind that puts others before himself and inspires me on a daily basis
Over five years ago, Rob started an organization called Skate4Cancer 
which has grown into a supportive community for young people
affected by cancer. 
Although he does so much to promote cancer prevention, one thing he does
every couple of years is traveling to a country and skateboarding across it.
I made a documentary about his very first skate from LA to Toronto when I was
in Uni and will never forget the day Rob crossed the Canadian border with
Martin Streek by his side. I cut together a shorter version for Youtube-
but if you want to see the full doc. contact me :)

Since then Rob has boarded across Canada, New Zealand and has just skated
a major chunk of Australia. Unfortunately he was injured on this skate and
needs to take some time off to recover but there is no doubt in my mind
he will be back to conquer to remainder of Australia. When he starts
something, he is determined to finish it. 
Rob started his Aussie skate in Sydney where I embraced him and the rest
of the team. I introduced them to my favourite spot in Bondi to watch
the sunset- a place that has played a significant role on my journey. 
I met him with open arms again in Melbourne where the skate community
came together at Prahan Skate Park for a good old Aussie BBQ. When two
teenage boys came up to him and asked him to sign their boards I couldn’t help
but smile :)
It is so amazing to see how Rob has inspired people on a worldwide
level now. They are not only following him, but open their homes up to him
and the team anywhere they go- offering beds, showers, etc. It’s times like
these you realize how beautiful the world really is :)
So be part of the movement and support Rob on his journey.
Check out the website, subscribe to their Youtube Channel and join
their Facebook page to stay updated with events. 
Lets Dream. Love. Cure. together :) 

April 07, 2010

Fora Fun

As many of you already know, I'm currently travelling Australia and blogging about it here.
Some even more exciting news, I've been asked by my dear family at MTV Canada to write some articles for them about Aussie Beauty in their new online magazine FORA.

Picture 5

It's completely interactive and streamlines beautifully with Twitter and other community forums. I'm really happy with how my page turned out :)  You can move the polaroids around and watch a video I made called '5 Things Canadians Can Learn from Aussies'.

Picture 4

If you live outside of Canada, you'll have to watch the video on Youtube which I've also posted on my Aussie Blog.

I'm always interested to hear your thoughts/suggestions so feel free to comment or Tweet me.
It feels so good to be able to do this stuff while I'm travelling. My Mac and I are inseparable... it's getting kind of serious :)

April 02, 2010

skype me baby

As a traveller, I actually look forward to holidays because I know I'll be able to spend some quality skype time with friends and family. So proud of mamma Tagg for learning how to use this program - she brings her laptop with her to every family function so I can be part of it from the other side of the world. Had a lovely Easter dinner with the fam today and loved catching up with everyone. 

Even though I keep them updated on My Aussie Adventure, it's always nice to have some face time :) 
Don't have me on skype? Add me: ataggio -and we'll have a video party!

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