January 22, 2011

I've Got Something to Tell You...

SO. This time last year I was dancing my face off at Big Day Out completely enjoying my life down under. One year later I am dancing my face off here in Canada with the best news ever :)

Are you ready for it?

Is the suspense killing you yet?

Well then I guess I should tell you...

that I'm the new Social Media Specialist at
Flight Centre Canada!!!

I'm so excited to be joining the team that changed my life by throwing the 'Best Travel Job Ever' competition last year. Not only did I score a free trip to Cali from it, but I met an entire online community of other travel bloggers around the world.

Since then, I started a little something called the 'Toronto Travel Tribe' with the ever-so inspiring Mariellen and have been continuing to meet other travel bloggers/writers and industry peeps.

I'm so excited to start this role and work with such an awesome company. The coolest part about getting the gig? The application process. Instead of submitting a resume, I submitted a tweet along with links to my Twitter/LinkedIn and other sites of my choice. Straight up, more companies need to get on board with this idea. The mastermind behind the recruitment process? Gregg Tilston. Learn the name... dude's gonna take over the social media world by storm. Literally.

He's currently travelling the world to hire other Social Media Specialists in Australia, New Zealand, The UK and the US. I am honoured to be chosen to rep Canada and cannot wait to meet the rest of the team!

There is a whole world of opportunity that lays before me and I'm so excited to just jump in and get my hands dirty. You can definitely expect some more videos, podcasts, blogs, tweetups and all the things that make me giddy inside :)

Although I'll be leaving my job at MTV Canada, I'll still continue to contribute to MTV Fora and other awesome blogs like Intrepid Canada, World Nomads, and Travel With a Mate in between all my travels. I reckon I'm going to have a lot of great stories and people to introduce you to! 

My first stop? Brisbane!

Going to meet the FC team at the end of February and give some love to a city that could really use it right now. By the way, if you live in TO make sure you join the TO for OZ Facebook group and find out how you can help too!

Here we go kids. It's time to start another adventure. 


Mike Frisk said...

I knew you'd get it. Congrats Alicia!

Mellyboo said...

Congrats Alicia!!! Let me know when you're in Australia. We should totally meet up!!! I'm in NZ until Feb 9, but will be returning to Australia after that. Celebratory drinks?

Gillian said...


Pilot in Pink said...

Congrats! I was one of the front runners for the Auckland, NZ role but snapped up another offer while I was waiting for Gregg to get back to me. I will be watching everyone with keen interest who gets the role (and probably kicking my own butt for not going further with Gregg).

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