January 28, 2011

An Evening with Journeywoman

There are some people in life that inspire you. The ones that have so much wisdom and kindness to offer that reminds you how great life really is.

For me, that person is Evelyn Hannon also known as @Journeywoman on Twitter.
Most recently Time Magazine coined her as one of the Top 100 Innovative Thinkers of the CENTURY for her work with women and travel. To be honest, I was more familiar with her daughters work, Erica Ehm as a VJ at MuchMusic (who sidenote- was one of my inspirations for wanting to work in TV in the first place). But behind every young successful woman, is an another amazing woman who raised her that way.

I had the pleasure of meeting Evelyn for the first time last year where we saw the movie 'Eat Pray Love' together and have become great friends over time through the Toronto Travel Tribe.

Last night I had the pleasure of enjoying dinner with Evelyn and Mariellen where we talked for hours and hours about everything from social media to figure skating and she even read my handwriting and told me what it meant about my personality!

There has been lots of buzz in the Twitterverse lately about nominating her for a Shorty Award. She's currently in 3rd place and if anyone deserves this award, it's her! 

But time is running out! So please take two minutes to vote for her here: http://shortyawards.com/journeywoman and send her to NYC! It would mean so much to me!!

Thanks friends :) 


The Animated Woman. said...

I adore The Journeywoman! Go for the Shorty!

Veronica said...

Hey! Thanks for introducing me to journeywoman,on your blog. Her website is fantastic and a great resource.

Evelyn H aka Journeywoman said...

Sure ...you all just want to see a grown woman cry because of your remarks;-) Thank you Alicia for this lovely gift. I know it sounds very uncool but I've made a copy of this for my Memory Box. If I get to NYC for the Shorty Awards Night, I promise to give your regards to Broadway.

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