March 08, 2005

We May Have Conquered 4 Seasons, But Can We Weather The Financial Hurricane?

So today I sat myself down and really thought about things. What began as a career path question ended in a radical observation on life. As if I'm not already in a financial slump, the future outlook doesn't look quite promising either.

No doubt, times are pretty good right now when it comes to society's financial stability. Real estate is booming, corporations are expanding, and wealthy families are adding more to their pockets with each passing year. People are truely outwitting and outplaying, but doesn't only one person outlast the others in the game of survivor?

Let's be honest, the larger corporations get, the less loyalty they exhibit.
Life expectancy is shooting higher, while saving up for it is well underestimated.
The pension system can and WILL be defeated by demographics.
and society's distorted love affair with real-estate will only lead to heartbreak years from now.
Call me naive, but I can't help seeing the truth when I dissect the logistics of it all

It seems that my parents' generation have the mentality that playing by the old rules(working hard, paying your taxes, and raising your children) is the key to success. Yet, today people are getting married later, delay having children, and even with twice as many dual-income families as a generation ago, people still believe they have no job security. So I started to wonder, in a world where morality appears to be dead, isn't an old-fashioned approach to life now just a one-way ticket to failure?

The government is over 600 billion dollars in debt... it will NOT be there to help you decades from now. As the baby boom generation ages, who's going to buy all these four-bedroom suburban homes that they live in now?
So with the lack of workplace justice and plethora of empty homes that will haunt my future, (along with no doubt corporate mergers sweeping away tens of thousands of jobs without warning) Isn't the only security we have, is that which we create for ourselves?

So why today, are people still putting forth all their money into their homes, when really you have no way of knowing its going to be worth the same amount years from now. Are we on the way to another depression? and if so, does anyone else see it? I'm sure they do... but disussing it would only cause a moral panic.
It just seems like my generation is getting the shorter end of the stick...
Once this all passes, and the boomers retire, will we be left cleaning up their shitty remains?

How do you win immunity when there is none?
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