October 23, 2005

satisfaction lies within the imagination

Scenario: Monday morning.

Sitting on the streetcar, looking over my study notes for an exam. A woman comes on, decides to sit right behind me and chop on her gum profusely. I’m talking full open mouth chewing action to the point that I can hear the saliva swooshing around in her mouth. I turn around to give her the ‘annoyed’ look. She doesn’t get it. She continues to chomp. I turn around and grab her by the back of her head and smash it into window…repeatedly until her gum falls out of her mouth. Suddenly I hear “Church Street” over the loudspeaker. I awaken from my daydream, grab my things and exit with a smirk on my face


laura19 said...

lol...nothing annoys me more than people chewing their gum like horses!!!

.:: ms. wells ::. said...

Sometimes life kicks the shit out of you, sometimes you kick the shit out of life... nice to see this time it was you doing the ass kicking.
All my love,

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