August 03, 2009

EGG-cellent Choice

So I'm the type of girl that enjoys making food but hates following recipes. You won't find teaspoons and measuring cups in my kitchen. I like to eye everything out and experiment with what works and doesn't when it comes to food. So if you're anything like me, perhaps you will enjoy my food posts. So with that being said, feel free to change/experiment with this one. 
Weather you're cottaging, camping, or just feel like firing up some breakfast on the BBQ, this next recipe I'm about to share will change your life. My sister's boyfriend Adam has been making this in his family for years and it's not only delicious but super easy to make.

What you'll neeed:
-cupcake tin
-carton of eggs
-chopped veggies (onions, mushrooms etc)
-shredded cheese
-friends to enjoy it with

-start by scooping a small spoonful of margarine/butter into each tin
-add chopped veggies 
-cook over grill until veggies are cooked 
-crack an egg into each tin
-cover the egg tins (to ensure complete cooking coverage)
-add cheese to top of each egg
-once cheese is melted, remove from heat, and let it cool briefly
-scoop each egg onto a plate
-serve and enjoy!

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