September 18, 2009

After Hours

One of my favourite people to drink with is my good man Clint. As an Instructor at the Toronto Institute of Bartending  you can imagine why. Not only does he teach me how to make fun drinks, but his knowledge on the history of certain cocktails is impeccable. 

After hours, we like to make our own drinks and play around with different mixes. The possibilities are simply endless. Last night, we decided to pay omage to our good man Tom Collins and somehow created what we like to call:

'The BumbleBee Twist: A member of the Collins Family" 

So without further adieu, here is how you can enjoy one...

What You'll Need: 
-simple syrup (equal parts sugar/water)
-ginger beer
-Absolut Raspberry Vodka
-After 8 chocolate straws
-ice ice baby

How to Make it:
-mix 2oz vodka, 1 oz squeezed lemon, 1/2 oz simple syrup 
-add ice, and shake
-strain into a glass filled with ice
-top with ginger beer
-garnish with a lemon twist
-use wedge from your twisted lemon and place on glass
-break After 8 chocolate straw and place in the grooves of wedge
-Serve and enjoy!

Stay tuned for more of our late night creations

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