October 15, 2009

Feels Like the First Time

So last night I grew the balls to get on stage and do stand up comedy for the first time.
I don't really remember very much of it because it all happened so fast, but I was told afterwards that I did a great job. On a sidenote, this was also something on 'my list' of things to do before I die... so I am pleased to check that one off now.

If any of you are thinking about this, I highly recommend you try it.
My dear co-worker at MTV, Derek Forgie hosts the event about once a month in support of the HSSE. It's a very warm and welcoming environment for people who just want to get up on stage and try stand-up for the first time.

Join their Facebook Group and come out and participate in their next event. It's only $5 and each act is about 5 minutes a piece.

Here are some friendly tips I learned from last night:

-be prepared for the spotlight (it was so damn bright I couldn't see a single person in the audience and it was weird hearing them laugh but not being able to see them at all.
- don't be afriad to adjust the mic stand/take the mic in your own hands
-use the stage. Act shit out, especially when giving anecdotes.
-Chill out. Drink a beer before you go up and loosen up a bit.
-out of courtesy to the other acts, keep it as close to 5 minutes as possible.

in health and humour,

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