February 08, 2011

The Social Kickoff

Yesterday was the official kick-off to social media week here in Toronto and it was one hell of a great start!

When I searched the hashtag #SMWTO to see what tweeps were saying, I came across the @cruzeSMWTO account. 

The brilliant marketers behind Chevy Cruze have teamed up with SMWTO and are driving around the city offering people rides from one event to the next. I thought it was so cool so I tweeted and asked them if they were free to give me and Mariellen a ride to the Wikibrands event in the Distillery. 

Not only did they respond, but they treated us like queens! 

When we hopped in, we saw prizes sitting on the seat for us. Got a sweet jacket, some chocolates and glowsticks so we could have a dance party the whole way there! Big thanks to Candice and Holden for making the experience a great one! 

Candice mentioned she would LOVE for the writers of Wikibrands to sign her book, so of course I made sure it happened :) 

Met lots of great peeps last night at the event and looking forward to meeting more today at the Social Collaboration event. It's all about integrating community content and social media with traditional journalism. Should be a good one! 

Anyone else hitting events this week? Tweet the Cruze car and arrive in style! 

Hope to see you soon! 

1 comment:

dean velveteen said...

Great fun!
Way to work it, ladybird.

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