May 16, 2011

A Gift to Myself

oh hey blog, I feel like we've become strangers lately. I've been cheating on you with my work blog (and I'm not really sorry). I've been blogging and pumping out content more now than ever, but it's just not happening here...

The good news is I'm meeting some incredibly awesome people along the way. The bad news is I've been sucking at updating my digital scrapbook. Must find a better balance damnit. I love writing in this thing. 

The REAL person I should be apologizing to is you, the reader. 
Some of you I know, others are complete strangers. 
I got a message the other day from someone saying they stumbled upon my blog and was so inspired reading it. I immediately felt guilt knowing I haven't been giving it my all lately. 

So I'm giving myself an early birthday gift:
I'm buying myself a new domain and archiving this one. 

I've been putting it off for so many years, but I'm finally ready for it.

Everything about this site will be a labour of love.
From the design, to the videos, to the places my travels bring me. 

Big thanks to my bestie Erin Hogue for capturing these images. She always knows how to snap life's little moments. xoxo


Mike Corey said...

Can't wait!

dean velveteen said...

Nothing like a new domain name for a fresh start. Can't wait to see the new bloggy!
- K

Donna Vitan said...

Cool, can't wait to see your new incarnation! And just in case, happy soon to be your birthday!

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