August 12, 2010

Life Unedited

Imagine being at your favourite concert and having the ability to take photos and have them upload instantly for you while simultaneously saving to your phone and notifying your followers on Twitter/Facebook that you're taking photos in real time.

Now use the word Burstn to make that idea, a complete reality.

My talented neighbour Josh Davey and his business partner Dave Senior have been working (for what seems like years) on this free app called Burstn- which is completely changing the way we take photos. I can explain it to you with words, or I can simply show you how awesome this app is in 30 seconds:

Imagine having the ability to not only update your friends where you are in the world, but show them with a series of photos instantly!


Pretty cool eh?

I've been involved with the beta testing over the past few months and am so happy to announce the app is ready for download in the app store on any smartphone for absolutely FREE! So join the party, follow me so I can return the favour, and start snapping your life in real-time! This is as real as it gets. Life unedited.

Can't wait to follow your adventures!

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