September 21, 2010

Summer Days Drifting Away...

Wow September. You're flying by and I've never been busier.
This month has been a mix of travel events, working long days on an outdoor TV set, Davids Tea, and social media stunts to the max... but I wouldn't have it any other way ;)

If you missed the Intrepid Treasure Hunt, you missed one hell of a fun day. I drove around with the Intrepid team hiding globes all over the city of Toronto, tweeting out clues for people to find them and Burstn sneak peak photos along the way.

$1000 Intrepid voucher hanging out at Flight Centre waiting to be found

It was awesome to see all the people show up at each location. What was even better? Seeing the reaction on people's faces when they found out what they won. This winner Jess had the best reaction ever when she scooped up the globe in Kensington Market and won a trip in China - of course I got it all on video ;)

Speaking of which- the Flip Mino HD video camera is incredible! I can't believe the picture and sound that come out of this little thing. Definitely bringing this one on the road with me. Cali is my next stop and being able to pop this into my laptop is too good to be true. #videonerd

If you participated in the event, but didn't make it in time to snatch a globe you most likely met the awesome Jason. He runs the Toronto Urban Adventure tours in Toronto and gave everyone who showed up a free voucher. I'll definitely be hitting up the 'Beer Makes History Better' tour through the Distillery district. Nothing like some good old Canadian brew to fill my belly :)

On that note, it's time to say cheers and welcome to my new readers! 
Browse around, have fun and talk to me baby. I love to talk back.  

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