October 10, 2010

Bustin out the Blades

It's that time of year again...
 time to bust out the toques, scarfs and skates here in my home and native land. The Leafs are back and so is this really fun TV show I work on called 'Battle of the Blades'. 

Last year we filmed the show at the Maple Leaf Gardens and it was so awesome to lace up and bring life to a place that had been collecting dust for ten years. 

 You could say I explored the building once or twice... and it was everything I wanted it to be and more.

This year we're shooting down in the film district and I think you should come see a live taping and visit me ;) 

When I'm not hanging out in the Motts Clamato lounge, you'll find me backstage with Kurt Browning. He's a total hoot to work with and we have such a blast together.

I used to figure skate competitively and remember when Kurt came to my hometown and did a skating workshop with us and stayed for autographs after. I found this old photo and brought it to work for Kurt to see. We laughed about this one for a while.

Totally nuts that we're working together 10 years later eh? 

Be sure to watch all the fun every Sun and Mon night at 8pm on CBC or catch up on episodes online.

Hope to see you soon!


Mike Frisk said...

The show is incredible this year. There were some AMAZING routines week 1. If you've got time on a Sunday, ask Alicia about seeing a taping!

Dave and Deb said...

Very cool Alicia. I used to figure skate competitively too! Many years ago. I may check it out since you are working on it. What is your job, looks like stage manager or something!

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