January 09, 2011


Well it's the beginning of a new year and that means three things for me:

1) crowded gyms
2) time to rearrange my apt
3) create my 'Wish List' of places to travel this year!

You know you have the travel bug when friends are posting links like 'Best Places to Travel in 2011' to your Facebook wall. At the same time, I'm flattered that when people read an article like that or see a cool competition I should enter, they think of me :)  I love getting comments from people I've inspired to travel. It takes balls to drop your life and fly to the other side of the world, but it's also the best thing you can do for yourself. Which is why I will continue to blog about my experiences.
I've been doing it for 6 yrs, why stop now?

That being said, I still have some loose ends to tie up from 2010. As much as I've loved all the work that's been coming my way, it's created a bit of a back-log in terms of blogging. (I guess I should apologize to all my favourite creepers ;)

You see, it's not that I haven't been blogging, it's that I've been blogging for other people. MTV Fora and Intrepid Canada have taken over my life. but I can't complain... I get paid to create content!

I've still got heaps of footage from Australia + California and interviews with some awesome travel bloggers to come which you can expect to see on the Toronto Travel Tribe site as well.

If you haven't heard about it- it's basically a monthly tweetup for Travel writers, bloggers, photographers, start-ups and industry peeps. In a nutshell: it's a community of awesome, inspiring people.

We always have a fun night filled with endless stories, and a plethora of ideas. We have our next meetup this Thurs Jan 13th. If you're in the Toronto area, you should be there! New members are always welcome :)

I'm really excited to reunite with my dear friends Lauren and Todd from Globetrooper.

Met these two back in Australia at the Sydney Travel Tribe and I love when we cross paths throughout the year amongst all of our crazy travels.

Alright enough procrastination, it's time to continue getting nostalgic while finding old gems in the digs.

Have any recommendations for my travel 'Wish List' this year? Let me know! If I love it enough, I might just make a video to thank you when I'm there.

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