February 04, 2011

Love at First Byte

As I sit here on a Friday night with a whiteboard list of videos to be edited, my eyes light up in a total nerdgasm.
My mind is racing with all sorts of ideas. I love being this busy with work- and I don't care that I'm spending my weekends doing it.

But Alicia, aren't you in social media?
I like to socialize on weekdays and nerd out on the weekends. It's just what I do.

What else do I like? Interviewing inspiring people and watching their story unfold on my timeline. I shot a video for Coaches Ontario yesterday with a boxing coach named Savoy who started an all female boxing club here in Toronto called Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club.

She gave me so many good sound bytes and was so accommodating... she even offered to turn down the background music! It was like love at first byte :)

When I'm done making this video, I'm going to put together another one for her website with all the extra footage I have. Just talking to all of the other girls that go to her classes, you can see how much she has changed people's lives. 

Savoy was nominated for a Coaches Excellence Award and the girls in her class are tough. If you're a female in Toronto and looking to get in to some hardcore shape then check them out!

She hooked me up with this awesome tank before I left which I'm definitely going to start wearing to the gym. I feel so badass in it and every time I see it, I'll remember to sign up for her class. You should too. Let's kick some ass together. 

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Mike Frisk said...

Yeaah! Awesome T, and a great post.

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