March 15, 2011

Scoring the Best Travel Job Ever

As I sit here writing a blog post for Flight Centre about my love affair with Couran Cove in Australia, I have to stop myself for a second to take it all in. I'm sitting here getting paid to write a blog about my travels and then share it with the world.

To say I scored a sweet gig would be an understatement. I'm on cloud nine and I'm thrilled where life has taken me. I never imagined myself here two years ago when I decided to quit my job at MTV and travel down under. Since then, I have met so many amazing people and truly 'found myself' if you will. It's true what they say about Australia, 'sometimes in order to find yourself you need to walkabout'

There was something different about me when I came back to the North American bubble. I suddenly didn't care about the clothes I was wearing, or the possessions in my house, or what party I had to be seen at. Instead I was talking for hours upon hours with other travellers online and editing videos from my travels because it felt so damn good.

I stopped spending my money on partying every week and started saving for my next big adventure. When I heard about the job recruitment for the Social Media job, I didn't even think twice about applying. (It did only take two minutes of my time)... the rest of the work was already done. And now, I'm working with an amazing Global Team which I'm thrilled to introduce you to:

The real challenge is the time difference between our countries- but that's what makes applications like Basecamp, TeamLab and Skype so great. It also means our social networks will be monitored 24-7 which as a traveller is comforting knowing someone is always around to answer questions. And with the recent New Zealand and Japan earthquakes, I'm seeing now more than ever how powerful social media can be.


Bendos71 said...

Well done, Tweeps!

Looking forward to joining in the conversation and all that.

Happy travels.

@stephhalifax said...

Hey Alicia, you're such an inspiration!

(I'm Grayum Robertson from Australia's little sister)

When he met you he told me about how you remind him so much of myself and I've been following what you've been doing via twitter and your blog and it's all so wonderful! Thanks for inspiring me. When I grow up I want to be just like you! Keep it up!!

annie said...

great post, very glad to see,read, how happy and.. I want to say peaceful? Peaceful you seem with everything you're doing right now. Very cool :)

Chicscapes said...

Your job sounds amazing. A dream come true for travellers. Congrats and tell me your secret in finding it =)

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