July 15, 2010

Graffiti Love

I'm not really a sucker for romance, but this one got me:

Graffiti Proposal

Really dig the style of shooting/editing which made me want to learn more about the production company. The guys that did this have an awesome site called shooteditsleep.com

They have some really cool techniques I want to try and learn with my next few video pieces.
One in particular is this bio piece on Ray Phillips:

Ray Phillips from PR!MO

Have some video pieces in the works for my neighbour Adrian Hayles who is one hell of a talented dude. He just did this piece of Hendrix in Kensigton Market (Toronto):

and last year brought some colour to life on our back deck with this mural:

That was my first timelapse piece and it was one hell of a learning experience. I can't wait to shot the next one with Adrian now that I know what to do/not to do.

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