October 29, 2010

I've Found my Date for Cali...

and his name is Mike!

BIG Congratulations to Mike for winning the title as 'The Ultimate Plus One' for my blogging trip to Cali. At the end of November, we'll be hitting the west coast starting in San Fran and making our way down to LA.

After very careful consideration of all the nominees, my judging panel and I decided that Mike was the best man for the job. Starting with the fact that his video entry hit every single one of my criteria, I'm also very interested to see what video content we come up with when we put our heads together. (Also, I've never had anyone write a rap about me) so bonus point for that one!

Although he lives on the east coast of Canada, I had a chance to meet Mike when he was in town for the BTJE announcements and we got along like two peas in a pod.

water bottle interview

Hey Mike!

It's time to part with the east and say helloooo to the west, because 


Thanks again to everyone that entered. This whole experience was a blast!

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