October 29, 2010

And the Nominees Are...

After a week of receiving some amazing and hilarious entries, it has come time for me to decide who I'm going to bring with me on my blogging trip to Cali. Let me start by saying that the response from this little competition blew me away. Here I was expecting to get maybe two good entries... but alas people started coming out of the woodwork with some seriously creative stuff!

I wish I could bring all of these amazing people with me, but alas I can only chose one.

Let's create a little suspense and meet some of my favourite entrants shall we?

Meet Marayana:

She like to takes photos of meals she's about to eat, sunsets, and awkward self-portraits while winking with her mouth open. Known as the Liz Lemon of her group, this girl had me laughing every other line of her e-mail submission. She runs a blog, takes awesome photos, and tweets witty one liners often. Oh and did I mention her mom is one of the stars of Dragon's Den? No wonder, she's got so much awesome going on. It's in her genes. Thanks for the entry Marayana, I loved it!

Meet Brad: 
If you've seen a cool spot ad on MTV Canada, Brad was most likely the dude that shot it. From short film docs to interactive multimedia installations, he's what we like to call a 'new media' artist. Check out his directors reel and you'll understand why I enjoy this one. As if being featured in Toronto Life magazine wasn't cool enough, I've been fortunate enough to work with him on a number of awesome webisodes for Chickadvisor.com. I thoroughly enjoyed Brad's stories of his awesome hippy family members that currently reside in Cali. They collect old flutes, make beach art, and have poetry salons once a week. A-maz-ing.

Meet Erin:

If anyone knows how to road trip it's this girl right here. She's spent most of her early twenties living out of a van and touring with the Skate4Cancer team as their photographer. While on her travels, Erin interviews lots of amazing artists in the skate scene for Push Magazine. She even sent me a list of artists she would like to interview in San Fran/LA including Tiffany Bozic. She's also a fan of the great outdoors- from surfing to skydiving, this girl is down to do anything.

Meet Mike: 

I first met Mike online as a fellow contestant in the Best Travel Job Ever competition, and straight up his submission video was the best one of them all- (it's no surprise he ended up winning the grand prize trip to Australia). Since then, he's started his own website called Kick the Grind where he video blogs and shows us some really interesting characters and critters along the way. The coolest biology nerd you will ever meet, this guy is the full package. But enough explaining, I'll let his video submission do all the talking. Very impressive rapping skills Mike! 

Meet Murtz:

Host of his own reality show Reality Obsessed, Murtz knows the LA scene and all of the reality stars living in it. When he's not at a finale or wrap party, you'll find this one dominating the web, radio and television screen. He's also been coined as the worlds 'most foremost reality television expert' because of his ability to predict, analyze and map out how programs will go. Hey Murtz- how does this one end? tehehehe.

But these are merely some of the awesome people that expressed an interest in joining me to Cali. As you can imagine this decision is not an easy one. It's been so hard, I've actually had to assemble a judging panel! Stay tuned for the big announcement!!

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Marayna Dickinson said...

Oh man! Epic competition that's for sure!!! How about we pack every other person in the other persons suitcase and tell security that we're attending a funeral in California but couldn't afford caskets. That might get a tad illegal though and we'd spend our time taking photos of prison trays and writing about our 'outside time'.

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